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Our services cover various sectors.
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Industrial automation

Experience our automation solutions

Building automation

Discover services for intelligent buildings

Medical Devices

Healthcare equipment

Aerospace & Defense

Elevate mission-critical equipment performance


AI Maintenance

We utilize advanced technologies such as AI and AR to provide a comprehensive electronics maintenance service.​

Electronics repairs

We use advanced technologies to provide complex component level repairs of electronics. Skilled technicians and engineers stay up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques to ensure that we can handle even the most challenging repairs with precision and efficiency.


We are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to provide comprehensive repair and testing services for a wide range of electronic devices.

About Us

A&D SERWIS founded in 1996, maintains critical equipment for optimal performance and uptime.


Join our team of skilled technicians and engineers, where you can grow your skills and make a real impact in the field of electronics.