A&D SERWIS aims to diagnose problems more precisely, perform repairs more effectively, and deliver unmatched reliability – making your industrial, building automation, and military devices as good as new.​

Your Device, Our Expertise

No matter the device or sector, our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to ensure your electronics are always in top shape. Reach out to us and experience the excellence of our comprehensive electronics repair and maintenance services.


We work with devices like Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Industrial PCs, Servo Drives, and various sensors and actuators. These devices are the lifeblood of automated systems, controlling and optimizing industrial processes.


Our services extend to devices crucial for aerospace like flight control systems, avionics, satellite communication equipment, and navigation systems. We comprehend the precision and reliability required in this sector.


We deal with an array of military electronics ranging from communication devices, radar systems, navigation equipment, to advanced defense systems. We understand the critical nature of these devices and the importance of their proper functioning.


We service critical medical equipment like MRI machines, CT scanners, ultrasound equipment, patient monitoring systems, and other specialized medical electronics. We appreciate the lifesaving role these devices play and ensure they are functioning optimally.


We manage electronics in building systems such as HVAC controls, security systems, fire alarm systems, and building management systems (BMS). These devices ensure the safety, comfort, and efficient operation of modern buildings.

Your Partner Across Domains

Connect with us to discover how our comprehensive electronics repair and maintenance services can benefit your operations, no matter the industry. We’re here to ensure your electronics are always performing at their best.