A&D SERWIS aims to diagnose problems more precisely, perform repairs more effectively, and deliver unmatched reliability – making your industrial, building automation, and military devices as good as new.​


Maintenance: With our AI-enhanced preventive maintenance, we ensure your devices perform at their peak and prevent unexpected breakdowns. Leveraging intelligent monitoring and predictive analytics, we proactively manage the health of your electronics. Our approach reduces downtime, increases device longevity, and gives you peace of mind.

Repairs of electronics

Repairs of Electronics: Our precision repair services ensure that your electronics are meticulously restored to their optimal condition. Using advanced diagnostic tools and repair techniques, we provide comprehensive solutions that address both apparent and underlying issues. Post-repair, we conduct thorough testing to guarantee reliable performance and your satisfaction.

Supply & Logistics

Supply & Logistics: Our efficient supply and logistics system ensures that you have the parts you need, when you need them. With AI-enabled smart inventory management, we can anticipate part replacements and manage stock levels proactively. We strive to deliver timely and cost-effective solutions, reducing equipment downtime and enhancing productivity.

Training center

Training Center: Our training center is committed to empowering your team with the latest in electronic repair and maintenance techniques. We provide comprehensive training programs that cover advanced diagnostic tools, cutting-edge repair techniques, and the latest technology trends. Our aim is to keep your team at the forefront of the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Software Development

Software Development: We offer bespoke software solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our team of skilled developers harness the power of AI, cloud computing, and other advanced technologies to create software that enhances your operations. From predictive maintenance software to remote monitoring platforms, we provide tools that drive efficiency and performance.