Regeneration of x-ray lamps

X-ray lamps are used in medical and dental imaging machines, as well as in industrial inspection systems. In medical and dental imaging, X-ray lamps are used to produce the X-rays that pass through a patient’s body and create an image of the internal structures. In industrial inspection systems, X-ray bulbs are used to examine the internal structures of objects such as pipes, welds, and electronic components, to ensure that they are free from defects.

Revive your X-rays with our regeneration expertise!

An x ray bulb contains a cathode and an anode, which are sealed in a vacuum-sealed glass envelope. During operation, the cathode emits electrons, which are accelerated towards the anode by a high voltage. The electrons collide with the anode, generating X-rays.
Over time, the anode can become pitted and damaged due to the intense heat generated during operation. This can cause the X-ray tube to fail, and the only way to restore it by OEM is to replace the damaged parts.

A&D SERWIS is holding a technology to revive the X-ray tubes.
In some cases, minor repairs to an X-ray tube can be performed, such as replacing a faulty filament or making adjustments to the electron beam. However, these repairs are generally limited and may not extend the life of the tube significantly.